认清保养床垫方法,确保质保服务有效(Mattress care instructions that can help preserve warranty rights)
宜( DO ):
( Do use a supportive, rigid, non-yielding foundation. An old foundation unit may not provide sucient support. Your mattress may become sagged if a non-supportive foundation is used. )
( Do use a foundation that can fully support the centre, head, foot, and sides of the mattress. )
( Do use a quilted protector pad on your mattress at all times to avoid stains. )
忌( DO NOT ):
Do not remove the white law label or the model name label. These labels serve as a means of identication to establish your warranty rights.
Do not bend or fold, stand or jump on the mattress as damage can occur.
Do not use cleaning fluids on your mattress; it may damage some of the materials.
席梦思产品质保卡(Simmons Warranty Card)
Thank you for your recent purchase of a Simmons® sleep system. With your selection, you join millions of people around the world who believe that a superior sleep system makes a difference in the quality of sleep. 
质保服务登记(Warranty Registration)
请浏览席梦思Simmons®网址www.simmons.cn,在送货日后14天内,登入“客户服务”内“网上质保登记”进行登记。 您亦可填妥本质保卡,在送货日后14天内与发票副本共同寄回本司。跟进质保服务时,须出示购物单据,敬请妥善保存单据正本。
Please visit www.simmons.cn, click ”Customer Service”, then “Online warranty registration” to complete the registration within 14 days after acknowledgement receipt of the product. Alternatively, you may complete and return this warranty card with a copy of invoice to us within 14 days after acknowledgement receipt of the product. Please keep the original sales invoice to validate the warranty.
10年弹簧结构质保服务(10 - Year Limited Warranty)
所有席梦思Simmons®弹簧床垫及弹簧床架均享有10年期内弹簧结构质保服务。10年质保期将由送货日期起计算,首2年内席梦思Simmons®将酌情提供免费的产品维修或更换,由第3年首日至第10年,所有维修或更换服务将收取「产品届时售价一成,乘以已购买年期」作为更换费用。唯质保期内,顾客需缴付更换产品的运输费用。 如相同型号产品或物料缺货,席梦思Simmons®有权以相近的型号或物料取代,售价差额将由顾客承担。
All Simmons® mattresses and box springs are covered by a 10-year limited warranty. This warranty only covers product defects of a structural and manufacturing nature. Warranty period starts on the delivery date of the product. During the first two years of the warranty period, Simmons will, at its discretion, repair or replace a defective product for free.From the third to the tenth year, a repair or replacement fee will be charged, at the number of years of ownership times one tenth of the prevailing official retail price. Under the warranty period, transportation cost for delivering the replacement will be borne by the customer. In case an identical model or material is not available, Simmons reserves the right to substitute a comparable model or material,and the the price difference shall be borne by the customer. 
本质保服务不包括以下各项(This warranty does not apply to and excludes)
Firmness preference of the product.
Normal body impression(s) of 38 mm (~1.5") or less.
A product that is soiled, burnt, stained or has received obvious abuse or improper care, such as sitting on the product's edges,folding, bending, standing or jumping on the product.
Cover (fabric), bent borders / grid wires.
Mattress handles.The handles are designed for positioning the mattress only.Never use the handles to support the weight of the mattress.
床垫因选用承托力欠佳的床架(如网底床架、 「 排骨」 床架),或床架尺码不符而引致的损耗。
A mattress not used with a proper foundation. Examples of an improper foundation include net or slat type bed frame,a foundation of a different size, and a foundation that provides inadequate support to the mattress etc. 
Adjustable bed.
Transportation, inspection, or removal costs of the product.
Claims made outside China.(Products used outside of mainland China.)
On-line registration is not completed or the warranty card & a copy of invoice have not been returned to Simmons.
翻调床垫(Flipping & Rotating a Mattress)
Most Simmons® mattresses are built with a single-sided design. A Simmons® single-sided mattress does not have to beflipped to maintain warranty protection. Rotating the mattress every 60 days is recommended for relieving the continued compression on the upholstery. For Simmons® two-sided mattresses, please follow the following tips for flipping and rotating.
翻调床垫步骤(Demonstration of fipping and rotating a mattress)